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~ The Full Moon ~

       It was a cool night a night filled with the full moon, that lit sky, and the stars were shinning like they never have shone before. Veronica lived in one the taller building in the city it has 22 floors and a big deck on the roof of the building some benches and a great view of the city lights. A night so calm she decided to go up to the deck and take a good book with her a read it was so peaceful up there, she had a hard day at work and wanted to relax, something she does not get a chance to do often.

       She made her way up to the top floor and had to climb a few stairs to get to the deck, she finally reached the top of the deck and looked around finding no one there, but herself!

       The moon was so bright almost an orange color.

       She decided to take a walk over the edge to look down at all the lights shinning from the city it was so hypnotizing, watching the glow from the different colors, that danced in her eyes! All she could feel was peaceful; she walked over to one of the benches and curled up to read her book with a blanket draped around her legs!

       She was getting so into her book all of a sudden she felt a chill up her spine and her skin filled with goose bumps almost a chill as if someone was watching her, she looked around to see if anyone was there, but could not see or hear anyone! She continued to read her book getting to one of the final chapters. She finished her chapter and got up too take one last look at the city before she turned in for the night!

       At this moment that chill returned and she heard something this, time she froze for a moment feeling a bit scared a bit uneasy slowly, turning around to find a tall, dark, stranger standing behind her she could feel the wait of his stare not knowing what to expect no words we’re spoken she, froze as she look deep into his hypnotic eyes. His eyes captivated her and she could not speak. He started to walk towards her and she could not do a thing his eyes how they captivated her thoughts she was hypnotized!

       This tall stranger was wearing all black, his eyes could see right through to her soul. She was taken back by his stare. He reached out to touch her skin so soft smooth like silk. Her long hair flowing through the breeze in the air.

       His caress so intense, It was something she had never felt before something so intensely sensual an erotic touch that she just melted into his arms. She could feel his hot breath moving closer to her full red lips. His mouth, slowly begin to touch hers they embrace in a long passionate kiss.

       Her soft sensual lips his mouth pressed right in to hers he removed his mouth slowly off of hers and began the move his way down to her neck, she gasped with a deep breath the shivers that we’re being sent down her spine. She could feel his lips on her neck still not being able to speak.

       She could hear his words as he spoke to her.

       "Don’t be afraid I will not hurt you for you will be mine for eternity."

       His mouth latched onto her neck.
       A sudden weakness came over her and she could feel the warmth of something rolling down her neck, but to weak to fight, to weak to speak.

       The, blood rolling down her neck faster as he begins to lick her wound.
       "Don’t be afraid my love for eternity we will be together..."

       She collapses, then awakens from someone opening the door too the deck wanting to take a look at THE FULL MOON. Was it a dream or was it reality?

Author: Alexandra Williams
August 20, 1998

LittleSecretss & FlaggPole 1998 - 1999