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~PHOTO ALBUM~              

My Crazy Net Friends!

Well I see youíve ALL finally made it to the WALL of FAME.
Donít you feel special?

Good friends are hard to find!


For My Online Friends:

If I could, I'd give each of you
a rainbow or a star...
a thousand wishes every day
in a pretty crystal jar.

I'd offer you a moonbeam on which you could swing...
I'd write words and a melody
that each of you could sing.

I'd plant a happy memory
in each and every mind...
that would tell how much you mean to me
and how you are so kind.
Instead I'll send a letter
and enclose a prayer...
that will say how much I love you all
and how very much I care.

-Poem by Sandy Lyons


Bar10d_Girl & Spydie

Betsy/Sarah_Smiles         Coronaman75

Decentguy_98         Flaggpole

Fire_M         Fun_Lovin_Criminal_23m

F16Mech25m         Iowa_Hawkette





Mac75_81         MrSearchy

Michael         Mr_Saxmann_77

PartyMan_20x         Phantazmik_98

Red_Wing Salton_98

Smilin_25         Sammi_2


StudlySailor         SweetMale

Tonguering4dgrls & Tonguerings_Grl


Twisted30         Tongue_Stud

Yu103455 & Nikita

UF_Gator01         Gator_4life

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