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"Demons of the night are we...if 'tis not intended you'll never see... an evil breeze through your soul...eyes of fire heart of coal...We Are the Kindred."

Welcome to the world of the Unknown!

Vampires? The Unknown?

The unknown, it can be a feeling of terror that grips your soul. Is there something lurking around this corner, a vampire? Something is watching, something is near, join them and become one with the NIGHT!

Live in the shadow of the moon, watching, waiting. Feeling the embrace of the darkness, a cloak of shadows that surrounds you, keeps you under it's spell. Powerless to resist, release your secrets, release your fears. Stay, covered in darkness, feeding on the emptiness it brings, keep your eyes wide, taking in all the darkness has to reveal.

In the distance there is a light, can you reach it? Can you escape the darkness and all that it keeps hidden from human eyes? Seeing is believing, but in shadows there is no light, there is no seeing. Will you run, make your way from the darkness, keep your secrets locked away, make your fears come true? If so then follow this path and you will find the way back to the light, in the darkness only those who embrace it can see.

The future is not ours to see, for the future is unknown to all.

LittleSecretss & FlaggPole 1998-1999