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~ FlaggPole ~

This dedication is Very well Deserved!

My web pages would not have made it this far if it were not for FlaggPole! He is truly incredible and amazing with all the hard work he has put into my pages to make them the way I LIKE THEM!
I can be difficult, but I do know what I like and because of his patience & Undivided attention to my pages he has made them all possible for YOU & I to enjoy!
Youíre truly amazing in all aspects and I love YOU too death for what youíve given to me! Not only your creative side, but YOU as well. I can, say honestly to the cyber world & the real world, Iím the luckiest person to have FlaggPole (a.k.a. Dave) in my life. Iím so glad weíve found each other! I canít even begin to THANK YOU enough for you efforts and patience with my pages.

Without YOU, I could have never made this possible!

Perfection describes YOU!

This dedication goes out too you!

~ MrSearchy ~

Searchy, this honorable mention goes out to you, your efferts were and still are greatly appreciated.
If it wasn't for you in the beginning none of these pages would be up, it was you that put up my first few pages oh so long ago it seems and the work that you did was carried over onto these pages with a few minor adjustments...hehehe.
You are truly a good friend and I thank you again your efforts on my pages.

LittleSecretss & FlaggPole 1998-1999