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Well as youíve seen my name is Alexandra,
Iím from Canada and proud to be Canadian!

Iím a firm believer that LIFE is just WAY too
short and to LIVE it too the FULLEST.
I love hockey and of course since IĎm from Edmonton, Alberta.
The Edmonton Oilers are my favorite hockey team!

      ~GO GO~      

I even like to fish but I never like to bait the hook ÖlolÖ

MUSIC is another one of my passions along with writing poetry!
I love a person who can make me think?

I love the outdoors, camping, I'm a BIG nature lover and the MOUNTAINS.
The beautiful ROCKIES!
Thereís nothing like a beautiful summerís night
Camping with a fire to set the mood for anyone.

I love to travel. Iíve been to different parts of the States
and I loved it there. I would love to return to the States when I get a chance.
American people are awesome and I love their accentsÖ

If youíve never had the chance to visit Canada
I recommend it to anyone itís a beautiful Country!

Well thatís it about me for now I do have to keep some secrets. lol

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