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Welcome to my pages. Feel free to look around and grab at anything that catches your eye. Use the navigation bar on the <-----left over there to get around, check out all my stuff, anything you like or want just take it or ask me for a copy of's no problem! There's a section about me, the woman that I love and will always love, my friends, links and some good bands. If you have any questions or comments direct your attention to my guestbook.

Before you get ahead of me here, use the clown icons to navigate back and forth on my pages, blah, blah, blah...hehehe. One last thing, my pages use some fonts that you may not have on your computer, so below are the names of the fonts that I use, click on them and download, install and reload my pages. Thanks for stopping by, or something to that effect...hehehe.

Machine Gun
Punch Label
Invisible Killer
Janine's Writing
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