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Stephen King

       Yes, that's right, Stephen King. The most amazing horror author in history, my favorite author of all time. His books are truly amazing, his descriptions, his charachters, all so finely described and full of life. He has taken horror writing to the next level and beyond, my favorite book of his many writings is "The Stand - Complete & Uncut".
       Stephen King's films only give life to his beautifully written novels, adding faces to the names and beautiful scenery to the background. His books and films are listed below along with some background information...he is the best writer of all time, in my opinion.

A Piece From "The Stand":

              "...He tried the door at the far end of the office, and it
       opened. Beyond the door was a hallway lit by muted
       fluorescents. Halfway down to the elevator bank, an abandoned
       gurney cart stood by what was probably the nurses' station.
       He could hear faint groaning. Someone was coughing, a
       harsh ratcheting sound that seemed to have no end.
              He went back into the room, gathered his clothes up, and
       put them under one arm. Then he went out, closed the door
       behind him, and started down the hall. His hand was sweating
       against the grip of Elder's gun. When he reached the
       gurney he looked behind him, unnerved by the silence and
       the emptiness. The cougher had stopped. Stu kept expecting
       to see Elder creeping or crawling after him, intent on carrying
       out his final directive..."

Background Information on Stephen King:

       September 21, 1947
       Portland, Maine

Occupation: (just in case your not from earth)
       Prolific Horror Scribe

Love Interest:
       Wife novelist Tabitha King

Claim to Fame:

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