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This is my little angel, my daughter Alyxandria Christina Lynn. She is one of the two most important people in my life, along with another Alex. Alyx is going to be 3 in April, the 12th to be exact, the exact same day as my departed grandfathers. Alyx is a beautiful, smart little green eyed girl that loves everything and everyone. She makes no quick jugements or swift conclusions, she just loves everyone. Right now she is attending daycare and learning new things at an amazing pace. She's more intelligent than most grown-ups I know (well, a few of them anyway)...
She brightens my entire day, along with the sunshine that Alex brings to my life I can see things clearer now than I ever could before. I thank both of these special ladies for their love, understanding and tolerance of my faults. Without either of you I wouldn't be who I am today and I would never have the ability to make myself the person I want to be. You both are appreciated for everything you do for me and show to me, and I thank you both.

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