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~My Poetry~

~A Special Quote~
By: Alexandra

They say that when you look inside of the eye's of the
Beholder you will see a reflection in the mirror to their
Soul you will see within them all that is Magic and all
That is Mystery, all the Carisma of Individuality. They
Also say the the ROSE in not just another flower!!!!!
Now my eyes cannot see but, my vision see's beyond your
reflection it see's beyond all that is Magic & Mystery

~Love Is~
By: Alexandra

Love is like the wind,Sometimes it blows your way...
I used to have a wish now it is forgotten thru bliss...
Broken hearts and Broken Dreams it's all or nothing it seems...
When you love someone and you take the memories of what you had,
When you love someone and you've done all you can do
Set them free and if that love comes back to you that love is true.
The memories will remain,
Promise me one day your love will be the same.
Through it all I have no regrets, I know now I can never forget,
You've given me strength but, in this world today we stand alone.
I was meant to be just open your heart & mind
It's only a matter of time,
You came my way and brightened everyday with your sweet smile,
You knew what to do you also knew what you were getting into.
A love you try to deny it will eat you up inside,
Your heart & soul will long for something you feel so strong...
Something so true will never be replaced by someone new....

By: Alexandra

The magic of love, lost in a world of emptyness and temptation...
Somewhere we share faith without truth, eyes in the darkness
So many roads to choose which road to take, where to turn...
Your like a dream a dream inside trying to hide.
The truth unfolds with promises we regret...
Some are believers and some are decievers,
Somewhere in the darkness standing there is you
Am I wrong to resist alone in your arms like this,
Wanting you, touching you, you are in my soul how can I ever let go......

~Missing You~
By: Alexandra

Missing you the hurt in my heart how it shows,
Memory surrounds me and won't let me forget...
I can't hide these feelings inside me no one can
See how it can be that I can feel your gentle touch,
Your whisper in my ear the fear of losing.
There seems to be no way to win, your all that
I see, I've searched so long for you now your gone, how can I go on
Wondering what is meant to be you and I are destiny...

~You Found The Way~
By: Alexandra

He knew how to reach me deep down inside
You found apart of me I just could not hide...
Lay me down and make love to me,
Am I chasing a rainbow
Or am I blinded by the sun...
Let me make it clear I need you near...
You win my love, my soul & heart
There is no reason for us to be apart.
Don't be afraid of what is meant to be, your lips upon mine,
My heart shines everytime I hear your voice,
You make me smile and I give myself to you,
Take me now it's forever me and you...

By: Alexandra

You feel my hot breath, your heart begins to beat faster!!!!
Come take a journey along with me
Where your mind and body are totally free,
We will enter a world where we've never been before,
And hold each other as we begin to explore...
His new world we soon discover is far different from any other.
There are no limits to your imagination nor limits of your creations...
Your thought & Dreams will come true there are no boundries stopping you......

By: Alexandra

Alone, once again in all but my mind
My thoughts run to you to capture your heart.
To take you away with me to that place where we can be one.
Will you be my someone to love...
Is this real? How can it be, that I feel your gentle hand in mine...
The look in your eyes is telling me all I need to know...
Is it asking too much? Will you be my someone to love?
And as we sail away to the sea of love there will be no end
As I look at you and know my life is complete
You are my someone to love.
Yes I will dream of you always
There can be none better,
And if I never find that one to fullfill my heart with life,
Then I will always love you
And if you need someone to fullfill your heart then think of me
I will be close, I will be your someone to love.

By: Alexandra

The passion, The fire, The burning desire,
These feelings inside I try to hide
They take control of my mind & body
I am a prisoner and I can't break free
Of my thoughts & feelings inside of me...
What to say, what to do all I think of is being with you...
Your lips upon mine & mine on yours
Our tongues touch our hands explore...
I feel the warmth I feel your passion,
The heat of your burning desire...
No words are spoken and no words are needed...
I look into your eyes and what I see is the same things I see in me,
You want me as I want you, I can't wait to make love to you...

By: Alexandra

Eroticism is so delicate and so touchy it can be so beautiful
And at the same time you can get crushed.
Want for fulfillment; Want for sexuality Two bodies not taking from one or one giving, but BOTH sharing the same feeling.
There is Intrigue, what fantasy do you have to share with me? Where is your destiny to be?

~Whispering Winds~
By: Alexandra

Through the whispering winds of time
your breath becomes one with mine.
The shadows of darkness waits to
shed a light,
Your soul awaits to become as one!
I give myself to you, only you
my dream come true.
The desire so strong you scream inside
your mind, why do you try to hide?
Time is your true essence. There
is no need to run from the unexpected side.
My dreams are sweet they always talk to me.
Open your mind, I want you too see
what you've become to me.
A spell you've put me under
I have no control, I have surrendered
The truth lies deep within you
You're my dream come true!

By: Unknown

Have you ever been fascinated by someone?
Whose words just seems to penetrate you?

You find yourself looking and you canít look away,
And the more that you try the more that gaze stays.
Riveted here where you want it to be,
'Cause you know that thereís something you just have to see.

As you listen so close and you start to wonder,
What would it feel like to be falling under?
A spell, mmm so magic begin spun by the sound,
Of a voice whose rich warmth was spreading on down.

Have you ever experienced instaneous connections?
To the point where your thoughts moved in mmmÖ
Just one direction, people sometimes ask,
"PLEASE JUST A KISS..." Funny how you find yourself
Wishing the same wish.

Your mind is amazing when you really let it go,
As you find yourself picturing mmm. You know?
As the warmth of that voice takes on a glow,
Spreading and pushing where you want it to go.
I will tell you all you desire. ME I know.
You step out of what was invited, slipped inside,
Feels like warm rain between your sighs.
And itís not important that you find
Every inhibition is left far behind.

As you recall how it feels to be so in love,
And you see that image of US up above
You see at last whom youíve finally found
What youíve looked for and longed for
Has finally come around!

By: StudlySailor

I'm sorry... the hurt I've caused
For my world... it seems I've lost
For once I knew one, though I couldn't see
But now she has run, to roam the world free.

My world is now empty, though how can that be...
I've always been strong... now strenth's not my key.
What have I left? That I do ask.
To sea I do go, and water's my mask.

My heart does not give as easy as some.
It seems that for one, it wasn't enough
Love is not easy, as far as I see
And strenth's not the answer, that's what she told me

Now I do sit, alone in my world.
Memories of loving, of hearts come unfurled.
Will she see to me? Another quiery I ask.
Time will but tell. At sea I am cast...

By: Rula

Your soul has spoken in form of words
And what can I say when I understand
Everything about love,
It's beauty and it's ungliness.
I am of great beauty and my soul soars in the sky thrilled of life
For just a few moments cause suffering
Has invited itself for greater time
And taught me what is the meaning of love and reality.
I said thousands of times I do love you my love
And what he says,"Yes dear,I love you".
When my soul gets together with his, I feel reality and not love.
I am not blind to see love or understand your words
Because each of us are poets sometimes.
WE all drawn in sea of passion at some point of our lives.

LittleSecretss & FlaggPole 1998-1999